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Wyche Launches Storytellers: A Digital Community of Ideas

April 25, 2017

GREENVILLE, SC (April 25, 2017) – Greenville, SC-based law firm Wyche has launched an online platform for intellectual inspiration.  Visitors to wyche.com/storytellers will find book, video, and article recommendations designed to spark curiosity and growth.  Topics range from inspirational to irreverent, with only one rule: no legal content.

While a law firm may seem like an unlikely candidate for such an initiative, Wyche has a reputation for creating transformation through an unconventional approach.  Throughout its 95-year history, Wyche has been at the helm of transformative projects in South Carolina.  From reimagining Greenville’s physical environment, to supporting the arts, Wyche attorneys have played a critical role in improving the community beyond the practice of law.

“Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Wyche’s unique culture.  Wyche attorneys have a passion for learning and igniting conversations that make us pause to look at the world from a new perspective.  We have long shared this search for knowledge and understanding with our clients, our community, and with each other.  Storytellers provides a platform for us to broaden our reach for sharing ideas and discussing important topics,” said Maurie Lawrence, Chair of Wyche’s Executive Committee.

Wyche will consistently update ...

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