Featured Services

Wyche provides top-notch service across the board, and we take pride in every matter that we handle, from the simplest to the most complex. But we believe there are certain areas that truly distinguish us from other law firms. Here are some of them.


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Entrepreneur Services

Wyche has a history of serving as legal counsel to start-ups. Many of these are now successful, established businesses. We continue to grow our practice to serve the expanded needs of today's entre­preneurs, who are building some of the most dynamic and successful companies in the Southeast… read more

Real Estate

Wyche's commercial real estate practice has been a cornerstone of the firm since its founding over 100 years ago. Our clients include real estate developers, entrepreneurs, banks and other institutional lenders, pension fund advisors, private investment funds and other institutional investors, not-for-profit corporations, governmental agencies, and other domestic and foreign owners of real estate in the United States… read more

Mergers and Acquisitions

Wyche's mergers and acquisitions practice group has a wealth of experience. In our long history, we have assisted regional, national, and multinational companies in investigating, structuring, and consummating sophisticated transactions. We regularly represent clients with respect to mergers, asset acquisitions and sales, stock acquisitions and sales, reorganizations, and joint ventures, as well as related financing transactions… read more


Novel Questions of Law

The intellectual strength of our individual attorneys brings value to every aspect of our practice, but it can be particularly important when a transaction or lawsuit involves unusual legal issues. In this situation, it does not make sense, and is not economical, to hire a law firm that is good and competent, but unexceptional. In this situation, you want the most able and creative attorneys available. In South Carolina, that is the Wyche firm. read more

Big Case Litigation

Big case litigation is where Wyche truly shines. Although we take pride in handling trial and appellate cases across the spectrum of complexity (from simple cases on which associates take the lead role, to highly complicated disputes with a team of attorneys waging what often turns out to be a battle on multiple fronts over a number of years) it is in the area of complex litigation that we can bring a level of talent and creativity that few law firms can match. In many such cases, the very existence of our client's business is at stake… read more

Architectural Works Copyright Infringement Litigation

Wyche has a strong practice in intellectual property, and in the past several years, we have developed deep experience in the protection of copyrights in architectural works. We have handled more than a hundred cases of copyright infringement of architectural works in the past several years in federal courts throughout the country for our clients… read more